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Keyless Locks

Keyless Lock Types and Installation Service

Keyless lock entries are increasingly becoming a common feature as they allow you to give authorized access to specific people into your apartment. The good news is, you do not have to carry keys along! As such, you do not have to worry about losing your keys or having your keys stolen and then hiring the services of a locksmith to unlock and rekey/replace your lock system.

While most keyless lock entries are electronic, using batteries with a backlight keypad to allow someone to gain access when it is dark, a few others are mechanical and do not require batteries. The different keyless lock types include:

Keyless Deadbolts

Although this lock type does not require a key, there is still keyed access if you like to use one. Keyless deadbolts usually come along with a lever or doorknob, and since they are programmable, you can create a unique code to help you unlock the door.

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks are easy to operate since they do not require batteries. Hence, they work just fine under extreme weather conditions and you do not have to worry about dying batteries.

Keyless Knobs and Levers

This is a great combination and a handy lock system since it is an all-in-one package.

Make Life Easier with Keyless Lock Systems

Are you tired of misplacing your keys, or just in need of an advanced security lock system for your home or business? Keyless entry locks are an excellent solution to the security needs of your home or business. At Bellevue Locksmith, we encourage homeowners and business managers to explore the potential of having keyless lock systems installed. For a business, you can rest assured only authorized persons can gain access into the property – and you can change the locking protocol without having to do a lock replacement.

Keyless LocksOur technicians are well experienced and we provide residents and business owners with an extensive range of locksmith services in Bellevue WA. Since 2005, we have shown a high level of professionalism with every client – and we provide regular training for all our locksmiths to ensure they are up to date in the latest technological trends including installation of high tech lock systems.

Keyless lock entry installation services we provide include:

  • Voice recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • Retina scan

When you contact us at (425) 209-0056, our locksmiths will access your property and determine the best lock entry system for your security. We are a locksmith service you can count on – and we look forward to working with you.