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Aside from opening and locking doors, contemporary car keys otherwise termed smart keys perform additional activities owing to their sophistication. For instance, a smart car key can trigger an alert system and may even stall the engine if an invalid key is used to maneuver the car. Seemingly, it is impossible for an intruder to engage the engine and make away with your car.

More so, some other keys arrive with microchips and programmed buttons which serves the purpose of opening and closing the car doors and the trunk, and start the car (Push To Start Car Key), with just having the key close to the car. This means that with these key types, the driver only needs the keys in the pocket and will be able to use all the car features.  Some other smart keys make provision for information storage including mirror settings and power seat.

All in all, these smart keys have proven to be better when it comes to overall car safety and functionalities. Yes, they do.

Smart Car Key Replacement

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Our services include:

  • Smart car key replacement
  • Lost car key/ Broken car key services
  • “Pust to start” key replacement
  • Keyless entry remotes replacement
  • Car key programming
  • Key fob replacement / programming
  • And more

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